My Third Month on Medium: Reflections and Lessons-Learned

I made enough to buy 3 cinnamon buns from my favourite bakery — less than last month, but that’s okay, I’m still learning.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

And just like that, March is already over. I know I’ve said this the last two months, but March was truly my busiest month from a professional and personal standpoint.

It is also the month I said goodbye to a job and wrapped up most of my volunteering commitments and projects, which is definitely bittersweet! It’s also the month, I felt my mental health starting to slip away, so I implemented some new strategies to keep myself sane during this time, so I feel really good about how March ended.

Even though my professional and personal life took off, it seems that my writing did not on Medium — so let’s get into it.

My Stats

Articles Written and Published

This month I wrote and published 8 articles on a variety of topics.

Here is a list of the articles I wrote:

  1. 6 Beginner Tips to Start Running When You Hate Running
  2. Ocean Conservation and Social Justice: We Need Both to Save Our Oceans
  3. Kim Thúy’s “Ru” Evokes Powerful Imagery of the Female Experience
  4. 5 Different Types of Personal Budgets For Your Financial Goals
  5. 10 Purchases Under $100 That Changed My Life
  6. Can Ecotrousim Solve Our Overtourism Problem?
  7. Violence Against Asian Women Has Always Existed
  8. Will Bioplastics Save Our Plastic Pollution Problem?

This month, I published in 6 publications, 4 of them being ones I haven’t published in before:

  • In Fitness And In Health
  • Climate Conscious
  • A Thousand Lives
  • World Traveler’s Blog
  • An Injustice!

Views, Reads, and Fans

Since my overall income from Medium decreased, so did my views, readership, and fans as well.

Screenshot by author. January 28 — February 27 stats.

Between January 28 — February 27, I averaged 1,008 views, 442 reads, and 101 fans per 30 days.

Screenshot by author. March 4 — April 2 Stats.

Between March 4 — April 2, I averaged 791 views, 379 reads, and 108 fans per 30 days.

The only thing that increased was the number of fans I had on my articles which went from 101 to 108. A slight improvement, I suppose!


I’m beginning to realize that curation is not as important as it used to be on Medium (based on what I’ve read), however, I still think it’s an interesting metric. 7/8 of my articles were curated this month which is equal to 87.5% of my articles for March being curated.

My total curation rate is 83% for 20/24 articles — so not bad, still!

How Much Did I Make?

Compared to last month, which was $25.37 USD, I made significantly less at $12.50 USD — so not enough to cover my subscriptions this time around, but enough to buy me 3 decent cinnamon buns from my favourite bakery, so I mean it’s not all bad!

My top 3 articles that made the most money in March include:

Screenshot by author. Table created in Google Sheets

Similar to my finding last month, a lot of my “top-earning” articles are older pieces from the previous month. $4.92 USD was made from articles written from previous months. Again, I think it’s really interesting that I am making a tiny bit of passive income while writing on Medium.


I Was Slightly Disappointed With The Decrease in Income, But Then Realized, I’m Not Doing Too Bad

At first, I was really confused. I technically wrote more this month than last yet made significantly less. What gives?

I won’t get into the whole Medium theories on everyone’s engagement being at an all-time low (there are already many articles written about the topic), but I do think it probably contributed to it, as it seems like everyone was hit in March.

As disappointed as I was at first, realizing I wasn’t going to make more this month, I’m choosing to see it as an opportunity.

Truth be told because of how busy I was in March, I made much MORE from my jobs than in previous months so making a decent income is not why I am on Medium. I’m on Medium as a hobby and past-time, in hopes of improving my writing skills for my future studies and career.

Additionally, I don’t think I’m doing all too bad and that’s what matters. What matters is what I think about my progress. After 3 months, I’ve made $45.03 USD and $56.64 CAD. That is $45.03 USD more than what I would have made if I didn’t begin writing on Medium.

That’s enough to buy me 11 cinnamon buns from my favourite coffee shop — sounds like a win to me!

Overall Medium earnings. Screenshot by author. Table created in google sheets.


Don’t Look At Your Stats All The Time

It is so easy to look at how much you are earning each day to see how much your newly published article is making. However, expecting to make more in March, when I checked every single day what my stats were for the past month, was actually more detrimental than helpful.

It was frustrating to see I was only making $0.05 per day, versus in February, there were some days I was making $1.00 or even $2.00 a day.

So by mid-March, I stopped looking at my stats every single day, and I think it’s done a lot of good. It also made me realize that my time for the latter half of the month was better spent in my real life than my virtual writing life — which definitely contributed to the drop in views, readership, etc… but it did give me more determination to make April my best month on Medium

Goals for Next Month

Last month, I was able to make all my goals (technically) since I am just waiting for an article I wrote to be published in the biggest publication I’ve submitted to. Hint, hint, it was one that I listed in my last month’s Medium reflection. Very exciting!

This month, to ensure that I am not putting too much pressure on myself, I am aiming to just write more. Now that my real life has calmed down exponentially, I would like to just write more, while maintaining the current quality that I write at.

There’s no point in writing more if it means the quality of my writing is decreasing, so I’m hoping that it won’t (fingers crossed!).

If anything March taught me not to put too many expectations on myself while writing on this platform. Writing on Medium isn’t supposed to feel like a 4th job, so I’m glad I stepped away when I did, in order not to just feel like giving up and leaving.

I’m feeling rejuvenated and revitalized with Spring in full-force here on the Pacific Northwest so I’m excited to see what April has in store.

Intersectional environmentalist 🌱✊🏼. Research Assistant. (She/her). Writing about climate change, love, health & fitness, personal development, etc...

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