Personally for me, language and the wording I use is important so gendered slurs that paint someone's gender as "weaker" than the other, "dumber" than the other, etc... I do not tolerate for myself and isn't something I find attractive - romantic or otherwise, in other people, so I view it as misogynistic.

I also don't really like to believe in the idea of calling a spade for a spade personally. If someone calls me an obscene adjective, I'd rather not stoop to that level - at the end of the day it doesn't contribute anything of value to an argument or disagreement. I believe there are other ways to be frank and honest without the name-calling!

But thank you for your input even if we disagree, and reading the article! Cheers.


Just another ‘Zillennial’ trying to make sense of the world ✨. I write about relationships, self-development, climate, and everything in between.

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